Minimalist Ring Holders

$9.99 $12.99

Artfully arrange your jewelry place with these minimalist, animal-inspired ring holders. Handsomely cast out of recycled aluminum alloy and showcasing a minimalist design and smooth chic finish.

Choixe’s ring holders will keep your rings accessible and protected while adding subtle charm to any interior space.

Compact and minimalistic design with a felt-line base, modern chrome and smooth finish that allows to housing multiple rings preventing any scratching.

Simplicity, clean lines, monochromatic accent, and contemporary styling makes these handcrafts a fun and affordable piece for modern decor.  

A gorgeous gift for yourself or your loved ones, perfect for any occasion or celebration.


Elephant-shaped: 5in x 2in x 2in

Artistic cat-shaped: 3.5in x 3in x 1in

Minimalist waving-cat: 3in x 2in x 1in

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